Chicago Open

ATTENTION: Anyone planning on registering for the IBJJF Chicago Open, you must register ASAP! They are at 95% capacity and will close registration soon.

Rickson Gracie Interview

Adult Muay Thai Promotions

Congratulations to Dave and Karlo on their promotions from Matee!

6-0 TXC Legends!!!

6-0 at TXC Legends 9!!!

The team had a strong performance winning all six fights scheduled for the evening. Click on the link and then click on TXC Legends 9 to see the fighters in action.


Modern Flow VI Results

Modern Flow VI was a huge success for Team Caique. I will post the results as soon as they are available. Congratulations to everyone who stepped up to compete!
2nd Stacy Coleman
2nd Jaden Nannoshi
1st Delaney drapeau
2nd Abigayle A LaRocque
1st Jonathan Nannoshi 2nd jayden m hebert
3rd Michael Addo2nd Michael G Glenn
1st Jaime Espinoza
3rd Mende Lazoroski
1st Nicholas Shammami
2nd KimA Smith
1st Jeshua J Marsh

Winter 2017 Kids and Youth Promotions

Congratulations to all the Little Warriors, WW Kids, Youth Muay Thai, and Youth Jiu Jitsu students who were promoted in our February tests and promotions. We pride ourselves on having programs geared toward children and young adults of all ages and abilities that help to prepare students for real world self defense scenarious.

Schedule Change

Schedule Change:
Tuesday No Gi from 6-7PM will be made into an open training hour. Several other open training hours have been added to the schedule and will be posted ASAP.

Combo #3

Muay Thai Legends Training Camp

Three of the biggest legends ever to grace the ring are set to share their knowledge at the Muay Thai Legends Training Camp.

Samart –

Saekson vs. Matee

Please contact warrior way at to register or .

TXC Cagefighting

Image result for txc mma

Come support your teammates as they test their skills at Triple X Cagefighting! See fighters for tickets.