Good Luck Team Dragon Leg Muay Thai

Austin Bashi Dragon Leg Muay Thai Fight Night IV

Austin Bashi – Dragon Leg Muay Thai Fight Night IV
Round 1 –
Round 2 –
Round 3 –

Hoosier Open 2016 Results

Hoosier Open 2016 was a huge success with more than 300 competitors! Click on the link at the bottom to see the complete results.

Hoosier Open 2016

Team Caique Results


2nd Place – Graham Bertram

2nd place – Chase Fleming

3rd place – Harley Bertram

3rd Place – Keira Lovell

1st Place – Kelton Lovell

1st Place – Jeffrey Fleming

2nd Place – Jacob Hinds



1st Place Brown – Justin Nazaroff

2nd place Blue – Jerin Banghart

1st Place Blue – Clinton Johnson

1st Place Blue – Kyle Bruzetti

3rd place Blue – Jeff Thewes

1st place White – Alice Oswalt

1st place White – Kate Womack

2nd place White – Madison Peavler

1st place white – John Blatt

2nd Place white – Jack McKinney


Harvy Berman 1999 Gracie Academy Nationals

Pat Smith 2015 IBJJF Master World Championships

Canadian Sub X 2012

Canadian Submission Expo 2008

Professor McDaniel competing in a Superfight in Toronto, Canada.

Professor Angelo Popofski fighting in King of The Cage

2016 Annual Muay Thai Classic

Best of luck to team Dragon Leg competing at the 2016 Annual Muay Thai Classic!
Avan Bashi
Austin Bashi
Nicholas Shammami
Victoria Andreev
Bryan Glidden
Nicola Depalma

Warrior Way's photo.