Q: What classes should I take?
A: We offer a variety of classes for all skill levels. However, we understand that people work and/or go to school, therefore, your personal schedule will determine which classes you can take. We recommend that if you have no prior experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) that you start off by taking the Fundamental classes to truly understand the basics. If you are new to Muay Thai, again we recommend the Fundamental classes.

Q: Do you test for belts, and does it cost me anything?
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Our instructors are able to promote students up to a Brown Belt – 4 stripes. Beyond that, only our Black Belt instructor, Professor Caique, can promote. This ensures the integrity of our system and allows the student to be confident and competent at each ranking. There is no testing fee for belts or stripes. Advancement is taken on an individual basis. When a student demonstrates the he or she has reached a certain amount of classes, they will be evaluated for a promotion. As a general rule, white belts can expect to advance approximately every 30 classes attended.

Muay Thai
Our instructor, Matee Jedeepitak and several other of the top Muay Thai instructors in the country have developed a ranking system that will allow the instructors to rank students. The rankings are based on a system of colored arm bands that are traditionally worn by fighters in the rings of Thailand.

Q: What equipment / uniforms do I need?
A: Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program is based on the traditional teaching system from Brazil. Throwing, grappling, and submission techniques are practiced wearing a gi (pronounced “ghee”), or kimono. We require that all students in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program have a clean gi/kimono for each class

For Muay Thai, students will need a pair of Muay Thai shorts, sleeve-less T-shirt, and a pair of boxing gloves. Sweatpants, gym shorts or ‘surfing’ shorts are not permitted in Muay Thai class. Shin pads and a mouthpiece are also required for sparring. For health and safety of all our students, we ask that all students have their own set of training equipment. Hand wraps are recommended, but not required.

Q: How do I pay for classes?
A: We have several options available for program payments. Our monthly billing is handled through the Educational Funding Company. Billing is handled by EFT, or “Electronic Funds Transferred,” which means that payment is collected every month on the same day from either a checking or credit card account. If a student chooses to not go through the EFT, we offer multiple-months payments.

Q: Can I pay one month at a time?
A: No. We have found that it is far more convenient for billing to be handled by the EFC, or to pay for multiple months together. Our students have expressed the peace of mind they receive from not having to worry about payments every month. Our desire is to provide you with the best instruction and training in the state. To do that, we try to limit the financial transaction processing time.

Q; I cannot come multiple times a week. Can I just pay each time I train?
A: We do not accept daily payments for training. We offer classes 6 days a week at various times to provide everyone with a chance to train. We offer unlimited training per month and our tuition rates are 30% below the national average. You will not find the level of training anywhere in Michigan (or the country) that you will receive at Warrior Way. Martial arts training requires persistence and dedication… Our program is designed for people who have the desire to put forth the dedication required to achieve the maximum benefits of our programs.