Muay Thai

Kids and Youth Promotions

Congratulations to all the warrior way kids and youth students who were promoted!

Vote 4 The Best!!!

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Kids and Youth Tests and Promotions

Warrior Way Kids Test – Wednesday July 12th 5-6PM
Warrior Way Little Warriors – Thursday July 13th 4:30-5PM
Warrior Way Youth Muay Thai – Wednesday July 12th from 6-7PM
Warrior Way Youth Jiu Jitsu – Thursday July 13th from 5-6PM

Austin Bashi – TBA Champion

Congratulations to Austin Bashi on winning his division at the TBA Muay Thai Classic. Stephen Taylor, fought in the finals despite having a broken leg showing great heart and determination. Great work!

Independence Day Closing

Warrior Way will be closed on July 4th for all regularly scheduled classes. There will be adult open training from 10AM-Noon. Hope to see you there!

Samantha Koch

Congratulations to Samantha Koch on earning her Warrior Way Kids Junior Black Belt! Samantha has worked hard for many years to complete this goal. We are looking forward to her success as she continues to progress through our Youth Jiu Jitsu and Youth Muay Thai programs.


Academic Achievement

Warrior Way prides itself on promoting the student-athlete mentality throughout our programs. As the school year comes to an end we would like to honor all of our Little Warrior and Warrior Way Kids students who completed the year on the honor roll. Please provide proof to Mr. Brandon this week to receive your patch!

World Muay Thai Expo

The World Muay Thai Expo is just a few days away! Grab one of these limited edition shirts and help sponsor Team Dragon Leg Muay Thai as they travel to Iowa to test themselves. All shirt proceeds will help with travel costs.

New Muay Thai Shorts

The new shorts are in!

Hoosier Open 2017 Results

The largest Hoosier Open to date is in the books and it was a huge success. Congratulations to everyone who competed.
2nd Graham Bertram
3rd Justus Klingerman
2nd Liam Courtney
2nd Keira Lovell
1st Sammie Koch
1st Kelton Lovell
3rd Jayden Herbert
1st Austin Bashi
2nd James Laginess
1st Nicholas Shammami
1st Robert Bisgeier
3rd Duane Moore
3rd Patricia Smith
2nd Ginalyn Poniatowski
3rd Brian Olsen
3rd Monte Denehie
3rd Jeff Thewes
2nd Dave Christopher
1st Drew Barnes
3rd Dwayne O’Conner
1st Jack McKinney

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