Dragon Leg Fight Night IV

Dragon Leg Fight Night IV was a huge success! The team did really well. Conner lost a very close decision in his Muay Thai debut. Poom won his fight. Nicholas won his fight by TKO after using elbows to stop his opponent. Austin won his fight against a very tough opponent by decision. In the main event of the night, Avan won his fight by decision. Congratulations to all the fighters on their hard work!dlfnIV

Youth and Adult Muay Thai Schedule Change

new schedule winter 2016 Winter 2016 M.T

TXC Legends 7


Adrian Hadribeaj Defend Lightweight World Championship

Bobby Nash  Vacant Welterweight World Championship

Marco Smallman Defend Amateur Championship

Josh Brueckner

Dragon Leg Muay Thai Fight Night


These are the fights for Dragon Leg Fight Night IV. We will be having Muay Thai, Boxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jistu matches. Hope to see you guys there!
1. John Sams vs. Quentin Helms
2. Matt Jones vs. Kyle Payme
3. Dean Anaya vs. Mitch Bartes (BJJ)
4. Hussein Jawad vs. Poom Boonsin
5. Bryce Foley vs. Darius Hardrick
6. Jess Brown vs. Jessica Akin (BJJ)
7. Conner Basel vs. Mitch moon
8. Shane Melo vs. Andy Pettibone
9. TBA (Boxing)
10. Sky Goodin vs. Nicholas Shammami
11. Tomas Scarfone vs. Austin Bashi
12. Jordan Roth vs. David Torey (BJJ)
13. Munib Alsalmani vs Ivan Lopez
14. Anton Potocki vs. Avan Bashi

American Grappling Challenge

The first tournament of the year kicked off this weekend at the AGC. James Laginess, Justin Nazaroff, Jonathon Nannoshi, and Joe Nannoshi all competed.

Justin Nazaroff – Third Place Brown Belt Open
Jon Nannoshi – Took first in his gi and no gi bracket
Joe Nannoshi – Took 3rd in his gi bracket

Weather Closing December 28th

Due to inclement weather Warrior Way will be closed on December 28th.

Little Warrior, WW Kids, and Teens Jiu Jitsu Promotions

lil3 lil1 lil2

Master Caique Winter Seminars

Master Caique for the annual winter seminars. The seminars were followed by promotions of students and instructors alike. Professor Harvy Berman, received his 3rd stripe on his black belt recognizing his 9 Years as a black belt! Professor Brandon McDaniel, received his 2nd stripe on his black belt. The most notable promotion was that of Pat Spehar becoming a black belt! Congratulations to everyone who got promoted and thank you to all those who were able to attend the end of the year gathering!

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Myles Jury UfC Fight Night

Good Luck to Myles Jury!!!

Dragon Leg Fight Night IV