Labor Day Closings

labor day

Master World Championships


Team Caique Competing in The Master Worlds!
BLUE / Master 1 / Male / Light Justin Mchugh
BLUE / Master 6 / Male / Feather Kevin Hebert
PURPLE / Master 3 / Male / Heavy David Hughes
BROWN / Master 3 / Male / Light Gary Anthony Pipia
BLACK / Master 1 / Male / Middle Brandon Michael McDaniel
BLACK / Master 3 / Male / Heavy Angelo Vlado Popofski
BLUE / Master 3 / Male / Feather Sean Labute
BLUE / Master 6 / Female / Feather Patricia Ann Smith
BROWN / Master 1 / Male / Light Justin Nazaroff
BROWN / Master 3 / Male / Medium Heavy Robert Lee Holloway
BLACK / Master 4 / Male / Light Feather Luis Alejandro Vega

Matee and Saekson Seminar


Chicago Open

Good luck to all of Team Caique competing in the Chicago Open this weekend!
Team Caique Results – Gi
Third – Natasha Kline
Third – Kabron Kline
Second – Adam Alexander
Third – Justin Mchugh
Second – Jeffrey Rahhal
Third – Michael D Cheney
First – Anthony Wong
First – Justin Nazaroff
Team Caique Results – No Gi
Third – Jackson Mccord
Second – Sarah Stump
First – Jeffrey Rahhal
Third – Michael D Cheney
Third – Anthony Wong


Happy Birthday Matee!!!


Happy Birthday Matee! Thank you for all you do for your students and friends at Warrior Way!

Happy Birthday Professor Harvy Berman!


Michigan Open 2015


TFC Fight Zone

Dragon Leg Muay Thai and Caique Jiu Jitsu will be represented very well on this card. Please see the fighters for tickets. Hope to see you there.

Update! Marco Smallman and Josh Bruckner won their preliminary matches in the tournament!


TXC Pro MMA Legends 6

The team will be represented well at the next TXC Pro MMA Card!

Novi, MI: Triple X Cagefighting (TXC) in Association with The Patino Diet and The Suburban Collection Showplace will Host another Action Packed Professional MMA Event featuring 3 PROFESSIONAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHTS, On Saturday, September 12th at 3:00pm at The Suburban Collection Showplace, TXC will Host “Legends 6”.



Farang Fight League

Austin, Avan, Nicholas, and Victoria are all set to fight on September 12th!