Dan Winston and Marco Smallman will be stepping back in the cage on September 10th, 2016 for TXC MMA! Please see them for tickets.

Labor Day Holiday Closing

Labor Day Holiday Closing:
Warrior Way will be closed on Saturday Sept. 3rd & 5th in observance of the Labor Day Holiday.

Adult Open Training on Saturday Sept. 3rd from 10-Noon.

Avan Bashi TBA

Chicago Summer Open Results 2016

Chicago Summer Open Results

Third – Austin Joseph Bashi

Third – Jonathan Faranci Nannoshi

Third – Patricia Ann Smith

Third – Patricia Ann Smith – Open Class

Second – Justin Mchugh

Second – James Laginess

First – Brett Rix

Second – Justin Nazaroff

Second – Angelo Vlado Popofski

Second – Angelo Vlado Popofski – Open Class


Chicago Summer Open No-Gi Results

Third – Joseph Nannoshi

Third – Anthony Wong

First – Brett Rix

Warrior Way Kids Jr. Black Belts

Congratulations to Nikoleta Klikovac, Chase Sikkila, and Delaney Drapeau!kidsbb

Tommy Bagnasco Fundraiser

Tommy’s fundraiser seminar was a huge success! Thank you to all The Team Caique Blackbelts, Uncle Harvy- Big Don-Angelo-Brandon- Pat Spehar-Justin Naz-and Rob Ross, we all appreciate all you do for our Team! Everyone learned a few Jiu Jitsu moves, but more importantly realized they’re part of something bigger,something very special!