Matee Highlight!

Awesome highlight of Matee Jedeepitak by Muay Thai Scholar.

Matee Jadeepitak Muay Thai Highlight



June 2016 Master Caique Seminars

The june 2016 Master Caique Seminars were a huge success. Congratulations to everyone who was promoted. A special congratulations to Team Caique’s newest black belts.

Justin Nazaroff

Gary Pipia

Rob Ross

Dave Todd

image image image



July 2nd adult open training

Adult open training Saturday July 2nd from 10-12. Gi, no-gi, and Muay Thai.

TBA Classic Article

Great article reporting on the TBA Classic that Team Dragon Leg competed in this past weekend.

Independence Day Closings

independence day

Harvy Berman Gracie Academy Nationals 1999 Match 2

TBA Muay Thai Classic 2016

Team Dragon Leg did an amazing job at the TBA Classic! Check out this collection of shots from this weekends competition.

mt5mt1mt2 mt3 mt4  mt6 mt7 mt11mt8 mt9 mt10

Good Luck Team Dragon Leg Muay Thai

Austin Bashi Dragon Leg Muay Thai Fight Night IV

Austin Bashi – Dragon Leg Muay Thai Fight Night IV
Round 1 –
Round 2 –
Round 3 –

Hoosier Open 2016 Results

Hoosier Open 2016 was a huge success with more than 300 competitors! Click on the link at the bottom to see the complete results.

Hoosier Open 2016

Team Caique Results


2nd Place – Graham Bertram

2nd place – Chase Fleming

3rd place – Harley Bertram

3rd Place – Keira Lovell

1st Place – Kelton Lovell

1st Place – Jeffrey Fleming

2nd Place – Jacob Hinds



1st Place Brown – Justin Nazaroff

2nd place Blue – Jerin Banghart

1st Place Blue – Clinton Johnson

1st Place Blue – Kyle Bruzetti

3rd place Blue – Jeff Thewes

1st place White – Alice Oswalt

1st place White – Kate Womack

2nd place White – Madison Peavler

1st place white – John Blatt

2nd Place white – Jack McKinney