Caique Seminars

Caique will be coming to Michigan for seminars on December 5th-6th. The exact locations and times will be posted soon.

Avan Bashi fighting Muay Thai in Canada!!!


Michigan Open Team Results!!!

The following is the Team Awards for the 2015 MO:


1st =   Team Caique JJ
2nd =  Team Ribeiro JJ
3rd =   Team Machado JJ

4th =   Team Gracie Barra
5th =   Team Cascao JJ
6th =    Detroit JJ Academy

7th =   Team Royce Gracie JJ
8th =   Team Alliance
9th =   Team Kong BJJ
10th =  Team Brasa


1st =   Team Caique JJ
2nd =  Team Ribeiro JJ
3rd =   Team Machado JJ

4th =   Team Cascao JJ
5th =   Team Alliance
6th =    Team Brasa
7th =    Team Carlson Gracie JJ


Teens Muay Thai Promotions

Teens Muay Thai promotions Tuesday November 3rd!

Mission 22


Warrior Way is proud to help support Mission 22 in their goal of, “raising awareness, enlisting support, and ending veteran suicide in America.” We will be selling Mission 22 Gi patches and stickers with all proceeds going directly to Mission 22. Please Visit for more information on this program as well as other ways to directly support the cause.

Warrior Way Celebrates 18 Years!!!

On October 13th, 1997 Warrior Way Martial Arts Alliance opened its doors in Walled Lake, Michigan. Co-founded by three friends and training partners-Harvy Berman, Scott Lewis, and Bill Thompson- Warrior Way would soon grow to become the best Martial Arts academy in the state of Michigan. Thank you to all the staff, students, and friends of warrior way for 18 great years!

Helio Gracie

October 1st would have been Helio Gracie’s 102nd birthday! Thank you to Grandmaster Helio Gracie for the knowledge he passed along to his students forever changing the world of self defense.

Warrior Way's photo.