Teens Muay Thai Promotions

Teens MTCongratulations to all the Teens Muay Thai students who were promoted!

BJJ Competition Results

Great work by Justin Nazaroff and Pat Smith! Nazaroff took 3rd place in the world pro championships in Toronto. His only loss was to black belt Gianni Grippo by 2 points. He followed up that match by submitting a black belt for third place. Pat Smith took 3rd as well. after a loss to a tough purple belt she followed up by beating a 3 stripe blue belt.nazwp patjj

Happy birthday professor Popofski!


Kids and Teens Promotions

kids test 2015


Come see Avan Bashi compete in the FFL VII!FFL VIII

Weather closing

Warrior way will be closed on Monday February 2nd due to the weather. Be safe.

Inclement Weather Closing

Monday, February 2nd’s Noon Muay Thai Class will be cancelled due to inclement weather. Stay safe everyone.

Dragon Leg Muay Thai Smoker

Congratulations to Nicholas, Avan, and Karlo on 3 hard fought victories. These three gentleman showed heart and technique that far exceeds their age. Well done gentleman!